Notes from a Fruitful Summer


As the summer days draw to a close here in Atlanta, I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know about all of the exciting work we did this summer with Uneasy Remains. It has been a challenging year as we adjusted to working from three separate locations: Cutcha in Davis, California; […]

From The Project Coordinator

Project News

Maybe the best way to start this is telling you a little bit about how I become involved with the “Uneasy Remains” film project… I went to a meeting. I actually had no idea what the meeting was for, except that I was new to the area and I met this nice girl named Brook, […]



It’s my great pleasure to welcome all of you to the new online home for the Uneasy Remains Film Project.  Through this News section, we hope to hear from you as we share our current activities.  In addition to this website launch, we’ve also been pulling together some funding from several generous organizations, and we […]

About Uneasy Remains

Uneasy Remains About 1

The Uneasy Remains Film Project is a collaborative documentary media project that hopes to facilitate a dialogue between University agencies, Native American Students, and tribal communities on the issues of NAGPRA and human remains stored on UC campuses. The project was first imagined on Friday April 10th, 2009, when several students and supporters participated in […]